Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy is a time of celebration and intense growth for both parent and baby.
Preparation is key to empowering your child’s development!

HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education

  • Prepares families for the birth experience
  • Zaps fear of childbirth
  • Increases comfort during labor
  • Enhances pre- and postnatal bonding
  • Reduces opportunities for unnecessary medical interventions through education

Breast Feeding Class

Cost: $75 per belly. Classes are formed on an as needed basis. Please call 732-228-2368 for dates.
This class will provide you with information necessary to help you succeed in nursing your baby. Included in this 3 hour workshop style class will be lecture, video and discussion. Topics of conversation will include: the first hour after birth, getting to know your baby in the first days and weeks, breastfeeding as the normal way to feed your baby, overcoming challenges and knowing the resources available.

Hosted by: Nancy Kleinfeld, RD, IBCLC
Nancy began her private lactation support practice in 2002. She works with moms at her office in Brielle and makes home visits sharing her knowledge and understanding of the challenges that can come with breastfeeding. Nancy brings a fantastic combination of her nutrition knowledge to supporting families in nursing.

Prenatal Yoga:

  • Build strength for childbirth. Even the most calm of births requires significant physical strength for working with the body. Movements and postures that promote easier birth experience take strength to maintain throughout labor.
  • Increase flexibility. Getting into and holding the positions that are most beneficial to birth are uncomfortable if the muscles of the hips, pelvis, and legs are tight. By slowly and gently introducing elongation and movement in these areas, your body takes on new positions during labor more easily and spontaneously.
  • Reduce pain and tension. Tight muscles lock the body into a feedback loop that keeps the body perceiving pain and forces the body to accommodate for the lack of range of motion. By releasing the muscles and promoting blood flow, coordination and movements become smoother.
  • Promote calm with breath. Yoga combines breath with movement in a conditioning process that clears the mind and awakens your spirit. Breath and emotions are closely linked. Becoming aware of your breath provides information about your emotional wellbeing and gives you tools for coping with stressful situations.