Why Choose HypnoBirthing®

With all the celebrity (And now royal, thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge) buzz about HypnoBirthing®, there’s more people talking about this method of childbirth preparation than ever before.  With all of this curiosity comes plenty of confusion about things like: what exactly hypnosis and birth have to do with one another, what “type” of woman does a HypnoBirth, does this method offer a pain-free birth, and is this only for moms planning a homebirth? This blog series, “Why Choose HypnoBirthing®” is meant to clear up the confusion and help you make an informed decision about whether to make HypnoBirthing® a part of your pregnancy and birth experience. Continue reading

Tummy Time Solutions

Many parents come to me saying, “My baby HATEs tummy time!” Recently a mom at the Milk Mama Café told me how her baby cries and throws a fit every time she “tries tummy time.” As this mom was expressing her frustration, I could see in my mind the baby clenching her fists, arcing her back and screaming until she was rescued from the floor.  Most recommendations for tummy time simply state that babies need to spend time on their belly without giving you any practical ways to help your baby make it an enjoyable learning experience. Continue reading