Stimulating development with a little peakaboo.

In a Meaningful Moves® session or workshop, Sarah Lane offers you the opportunity to experience the power of movement and body awareness by interacting and moving with your baby in ways that encourage optimal development of attention, behavior, fine and gross motor skills and sensory integration abilities.

Sarah combines her knowledge of child development and movement to show you simple activities that help develop sensory and motor skills. Sensory skills are basic responses to the environment like how your baby reacts to your touch, a ride in the car, a loud noise, a diaper change or something new in the hands or mouth. Motor skills are how your baby moves, including rolling, sitting, grasping with the hands and eventually crawling and walking. Eye movement skills and eye contact are subcategories of motor skills.

Activating your baby’s nervous system with movement encourages development of the balance and coordination skills as a foundation for sitting, crawling, walking and eventually attention and learning. A well organized nervous system also supports development of healthy sleep patterns, digestion, and language and communication skills.

Sarah works extensively with children whose developmental difficulties impact their behavior and learning experiences. As a Developmental Optometrist, she offers programs of Optometric Vision Therapy to help children who are struggling with the development of visual skills. Sarah is also a certified yoga teacher through the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Healing and is currently working toward certification in Masgutova Neuro-sensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI).

NBNJ MMworkshops

Baby Meaningful Moves® Workshop: Ages 6 weeks to 12 months $45 per session

Sarah specifically designed this two-hour workshop to introduce parents and babies to movements and experiences that will contribute to optimal sensory and motor development.
This workshop is offered periodically and is limited to 4 babies per session. The Baby Moves Workshop is the perfect setting for parents and babies who want to have fun while learning ways to help develop their child’s sensory and motor systems. If your schedule does not permit attendance, consider scheduling a private baby movement session.

Private Baby Moves Session

A private session may be appropriate if you have any concerns about the way your child is developing. Providing opportunities for filling in some gaps in sensory and motor development early and often may drastically change the development of your child.

 NBNJ MMindicators

  • premature birth
  • low birth weight
  • bed rest during pregnancy
  • NICU Stay
  • induction of labor
  • c-section birth
  • delayed rolling
  • delayed crawling
  • delayed walking
  • delayed speech
  • sensitivity to touch
  • resistance to holding
  • poor eye contact
  • head tilt or turn
  • hip dysplasia
  • colic
  • feeding difficulty
  • low/high muscle tone





A private session with Sarah provides you the opportunity to form a more individualized plan for offering exactly what your baby needs. This visit is appropriate for babies and children ages 6 weeks to 4 years. Incorporated into the evaluation will be a screening of visual skills as well as an assessment of several primary reflex patterns. At the end of each session you will receive recommendations for daily activities to help encourage your child’s development. Recommendations may also be made for further assessment and/ or treatment.

Initial Session (1 hour) $150 – Subsequent Sessions (45 minutes) $100, schedule 3 visits for $250

Private Meaningful Moves® Session

This offering is appropriate for older children. Each session includes reflex integration and fun movement patterns to be incorporated into daily home programs. Depending on the situation present, a more comprehensive evaluation of vision or other skills may be recommended before scheduling these sessions.  Each session (1 hour) $125

In-home Meaningful Moves® Session

If you have a very young baby or are unable to attend a session at Natural Beginnings, arrangements can be made for Sarah to come to your home. You may consider this option if your baby experienced a difficult birth, was born premature, is having difficulty nursing or you are physically unable to travel with your baby.
Fees vary depending on travel distance $150-250
If financial concerns are present, please contact Sarah at 732-228-2368. Scholarships may be available.