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Many different movements that cultivate safety are presented in a Meaningful Moves® workshop or session but one of my favorites is the “I Love You Hugs”.  This movement can be practiced with the youngest of babies and is also great for toddlers, children and people of all sizes and shapes.  You can even modify it for yourself, and find yourself more easily and calmly reacting to the situations that may at one time have been a bit rattling.  Start your practice with your babies, children and yourself today!  I hope you enjoy the video of the “I Love You Hugs” and remember, leave me your comments on how it works for you! 

Why would babies need help feeling safe?

Have you ever noticed that your baby or toddler is a little jumpy?  Babies, especially new babies, tend to startle with things that you wouldn’t usually expect to be scary.  The car door shutting, the sound of the bath, going into a car seat or coming out, a loud laugh… all things that happen daily but when they are new, can be a little jarring.  A typical response may be a short gasp with a moment of breath holding followed by a loud cry.  This response is called the Moro Reflex and it is part of how the brain and body respond to a situation interpreted as dangerous or scary.  We, as parents, can do a lot of things to help our children become observers of new sounds and movements in the environment without creating extreme reactions.  When I see my son react in this way, I’ll calmly ask him, “Was that a little scary?” He typically says, “Yes” as he takes a deep breath and then moves on.

You can practice movements with your baby to help them develop this ability to quickly move through stressful and scary situations. 

Moving with your baby is meaningful ways has the power to help you move through all the developmental stages with ease, without concern of difficulty or delay.  Consider attending a Meaningful Moves® class, workshop or private session to give you even more ideas for impacting your baby’s developmental path.


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