Why Choose HypnoBirthing®

With all the celebrity (And now royal, thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge) buzz about HypnoBirthing®, there’s more people talking about this method of childbirth preparation than ever before.  With all of this curiosity comes plenty of confusion about things like: what exactly hypnosis and birth have to do with one another, what “type” of woman does a HypnoBirth, does this method offer a pain-free birth, and is this only for moms planning a homebirth? This blog series, “Why Choose HypnoBirthing®” is meant to clear up the confusion and help you make an informed decision about whether to make HypnoBirthing® a part of your pregnancy and birth experience. We have plenty of testimonials, but this series will give you access to course content benefits while also bringing your attention to some areas of preparation you may not have previously considered.

The focus for our first video is what I simply call Bad Birth Culture.  This video features an exercise to help you identify what your inherited birth culture looks like and how it might affect your pregnancy and birth experience.

This is a really important area to address because this internal belief system about birth will affect how the emotions that guide your pregnancy and birth preparation process and ultimately how you physically experience birth.  Don’t believe me? Imagine if in the months leading up to your wedding day you watched Divorce Court and Cheaters every day, only talked to friends and family whose marriages had ended in bitter divorces, and focused on all the negative traits of your soon to be spouse.  How would you feel just before walking down the aisle? Would you feel confident and happy to be marrying your sweetheart? Probably not!  Your stomach might be in knots with your heart racing as you turn to run far and fast back into single life.

HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education walks you through the process of cultivating a personal birth culture that is aligned with your desire for a natural birth.  By consciously piecing together your new belief system about birth you can become a person who closes their eyes and seeing birth as a joyful, transformative and empowering experience. And when you open your eyes to the possibility of birth being a good thing, you are able to feel a joyful anticipation of the arrival of your little one at an even deeper level.

Drop a comment below and have your HypnoBirthing® questions answered in an upcoming video! And, if you’ve taken HypnoBirthing® please comment below any highlights you especially enjoyed from the class.




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